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UNIGRAF Opts For Zund G3-2500

Dubai-based, UNIGRAF has selected to use the Zund G3-2500 for its production of exhibition stands, marketing displays, retail fitouts, events branding, lighting, printing, steel works, signage and more.

Working with retail outlets like the Apple Stores around UAE, the company believes that they needed a machine that would deliver precision and detail.

According to Wissam Azar of UNIGRAF, “We, at UNIGRAF, always strive to improve and elevate the quality of our custom production across different materials including steel, wood,  acrylic, inkjet, UV flatbed printing, and other divisions. Our recent acquisition of the latest ZUND G3-2500 with its exceptional 3.6KW routing head, helps us achieve quicker and higher precision results while catering for a variety of our cutting requirements. It expands the horizon of materials and thicknesses that we can handle effortlessly employing the highest efficiencies.”

The Zund G3 Cutter is a precision machine. From innovative drive system to blade, all its components are perfectly coordinated. Zund also has a comprehensive range of blades and accessories that suit different needs. You can check out the catalog here if you are using a Zund machine and want to get the most out of it.

If you are looking to explore how Zund can add precision to your stands and designs, please send an email to

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