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Zund D3 Cutter

Double your productivity


Two beams for twice the throughput

The D3 has two beams that operate independently. Depending on the job, this can double your productivity. The intelligent cutter controller allocates the work optimally to each of the two beams.


A flexible choice of tools

You have the flexibility to choose precisely the tools you need for the job at hand. Combine the required tools based on your specific requirements. You can equip the D3 with up to three different tools per beam.


Integrated Tool initialization

The setup of of knife-cutting, routing, and creasing tools occurs fully automatically. The ITI Initialization System makes the process quick and precise. 


Ergonomics and operation

Configure the D3 according to your specific needs, with cutter extensions and/or material-handling solutions. Just like the cutter, all these options were designed with an eye towards ergonomics. The cutter is easily accessible from all sides, which ensures an efficient production workflow.


Technical Overview D3 Digital Cutter
PDF . 6.07Mb

Technical Data D3
PDF . 1.99Mb

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